Separators for Steam

Separators for Steam


The Role of Steam Separators in Efficient Steam Systems

How Steam Separators Work

In many steam-using processes, ensuring the steam is as dry as possible is crucial. Standard steam contains moisture immediately upon leaving the boiler, which continues to condense as it travels through the system. While steam traps can remove condensate from the bottom of the pipes, they cannot eliminate moisture from within the steam flow. Steam separators are vital as they forcibly separate and remove entrained condensate from the steam, ensuring dry steam delivery.

How Steam Separators Work

Steam separators employ various mechanims to enhance efficiency. Mechanical impediments and directional changes, such as baffle boards, help capture some moisture. However, the most effective method in utilising centrifugal force, where steam is directed into a spiral flow, causing heavier condensate droplets to be pushed to the separator's inner wall. Gravity then directs the condensate to the bottom, where it is discarged by a steam trap. This method can achieve up to 98% separation efficiency.

Applications of Steam Separators

Steam separators are essential in applications requiring dry steam, such as vulcanisation, steam-powered irons, and cooking processes. They are also benefical for steam ejectors, turbines, and superheaters. By removing excess liquid, separators not only improve steam quality but also reduce water hammer and erosion caused by high-speed water droplets.

Separators in Pressurised Air Systems

Beyond steam systems, separators are also crucial in pressurised air systems, where condensate forms as air cools. These separators, used with air traps, ensure a dry air supply for applications like blowing systems and spray guns, maintaining system efficiency and preventing complications.

Our Range at Valves Online

We offer a wide range of steam separators from TLV. These separators come with integral steam traps are available with either screwed or flanged end connections. They are made from durable materials like stainless steel and cast iron, ensuring high-efficiency separation for a variety of industrial applications.

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