New HQ005 battery back-up Electric Actuator

New HQ005 battery back-up Electric Actuator


HQ005 electric actuator

We are pleased to announce the launch of our battery back-up option to our hugely popular HQ-005 electric quarter-turn actuator.

Valves Online are continuing to improve on all our products and our latest addition is the HQ005 part of the next generation of electric quarter-turn actuator with failsafe option


The new HQ005 failsafe functionality was only a feature of the previous larger actuators, HQ008 and above, but the HQ005 offers this highly desirable option, remarkably, within the same footprint as its standard housing.

HQ005 electric actuator

Failsafe is achieved with a set of high-quality lithium batteries, which are constantly trickle charged, ensuring optimum performance anytime there’s a power failure. The actuators can be easily set to fail closed or fail open and a charge-status LED indicates the battery health.

The innovative HQ-005 was launched in 2017 and is one of the most advanced general-purpose actuators on the market. Key innovations of the HQ-005 include a high visibility beacon, LED status indicators, 4 off limit switches, anti-condensation heater, manual override handwheel, and unique direct mounting system (covering F3, F4, F5, and F7) offering greater flexibility as well as functionality.

A brushless motor is used for increased reliability and is supplied within a small compact IP67 waterproof aluminium housing which is hard-anodised and powder coated. What’s more, a built-in electronic torque limiter will automatically cut the power, if required, to prevent damage to the motor. The 50NM actuator is available in either single-phase or 24VAC/DC and can also be supplied with a positioner card for modulating service. These features, as well as an attractive price point, made the HQ-005 an instant hit from its launch.

The HQ005 continues to push the boundaries of what is possible to achieve with an actuator of this size. Traditionally, when failsafe is required on small-bore pipe you would use a solenoid valve, but these can be expensive, whereas the battery-powered HQ005 offers enhanced functionality without prohibitive costs. In fact, this demand for higher-spec without compromising affordability is a growing trend we’ve continued to satisfy and the HQ005 with battery back-up is the first of many new and exciting products we are launching in 2020.

Available online from Valves Online, the HQ-005 is just one of a large range of electric and pneumatic actuators and associated accessories available from stock.


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