Monthly News

Monthly News


Its been almost 4 months since we went into lockdown and Valves Online has continued to support the industry throughout. We have adapted quickly, maintaining our high level of customer service, ensuring that we have stayed connected with our customers.

We have worked hard to bring new and exciting products along with informative blogs and product information.

Read on for a look at all the blogs, new products and more that you may have missed over the past month.


Plastic Valve Measurement and Control Hygienic Valves for Dairy, Brewing, food & beverage Process control How do Ball Valves work?

Through continuous development Valves Online can offer you a range of innovatively designed quality products for use in applications where plastic is the preferred conveyor and choice of material.



Hygienic Select specialises in hygienic and sanitary valves, systems and accessories for Food, dairy, brewery, winemaking and general hygienic process applications.




Ball valves have increased in popularity over the last few years, offering excellent solutions to many diverse applications. Ball valves offer ease of use in both the fitting and its maintenance.



Class 800 Forged Steel Gate and Piston Check Valves


Class 800 Forged Steel Gate and Piston Check Valves with Socket Weld Ends (3/4” to 1 ½”)

¼” Pyropress Perseus ATEX Exd Pressure Switch


¼” Pyropress Perseus ATEX Exd Pressure Switch

Valves Online are the Official Online Distributor for Pyropress.

Pyropress products are available to configure and buy online:

Stainless Steel Ball Valves


Stainless Steel Ball Valves with Extension Piece, Spring Close Actuator & Pilot Solenoid – to be used on low pressure steam application.

Mars Series 90D Stainless Steel Ball Valves


Mars Series 90D Stainless Steel Ball Valves with Pneumatic Actuator, Pilot Solenoid & Limit Switchbox – All Components ATEX Certified as Customers Request.


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Latest Videos from Valves Online

In the video above we take a look at just how a solenoid valve works

Take a look at how to replace, change and fit a ball valve's seats and seals in another of our new how-to videos

For more videos check out our Valves Online

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 New Jacketed
Butterfly Valve

Coming this month we have our new
Jacketed Butterfly Valve in manual and
actuated operations for use with

• Viscous or temperature critical
• Food media
• Chocolate lines
• Glucose
• Fat
• Syrup
• Jam
• Boiled syrup

Coming soon


Jacketed butterfly Valves


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