Direct-acting Toggle Solenoid Valve

Direct-acting Toggle Solenoid Valve

The valve operates according to the lever principle and can therefore also directly switch large diameters. It is available both as a 2/2-way and a 3/2-way valve.

The armature acts horizontally on a fixed coupled toggle arm. The sealing cylinder located on the lower lever is pressed by the horizontal motion onto the valve seats. The plastic-encased metal lever comprises one unit with the gas-tight lead-through. Due to this design, the actuator is media separated from the fluid body.

Media separation makes this valve especially suitable for use in critical acidic and alkaline solutions or in media that contain particles. Due to the large diameters, it is often used as an emptying and mixing valve.

Special features:
The energy-saving version with power reduction uses the double coil technology with integrated cast electronics. They are certified worldwide as AC, DC and UC versions and fulfil the voltage requirements for European rail transport. These valves are equipped with a locking service-friendly manual override and offer the capability of potential-free electrical feedback of the switching position.

Direct-acting toggle solenoid valve